Uploading your Website

The following instructions will help you to download and configure a FTP client to upload your website to your location on the web. In order to use this value added service, you will need some information provided on your initial sign-up email you received. If you do not have this information, please call us and we will help you aquire this information.

  • View your homepage at
  • Download ws_ftple.exe by clicking here and install it.
  • Configure WS_FTP Like the screen shown below and connect to the Server.

  • New accounts will use FTPHOST.CROS.NET for the HOST NAME
  • Create a home page and save it as "index.htm" (without the quotes).
  • Connect to your WS-FTP account and transfer "index.htm" from your Computer to the Web Server and vise versa.

    The files on the left side of the WS-FTP Program are the actual files on your computer.

    The files on the right hand side are the files that are currenlty live on our web server.
  • The page you upload will display automatically when you type the address:

    Also, Consider getting a good book on the subject, like, HTML For Dummies®