Computer Support



Whether it’s business or home, our technicians have years of experience to find the problem and a solution.




Our A+ certified technicians are skilled in replacing failed hardware, or just simply upgrading your computer system. Our technicians will also help you decide what hardware would meet your needs.


Data Backup

Although we do not provide online data backup services, we can manually backup your files, photos and programs you have on your system.


Data Recovery

Even if your computer crashed our technicians have the skills to recover data from failing hard drives, SSDs, etc.


System Cleanup

We perform various types of system cleanups to remove malware and help your computer system run better. Our qualified technicians will take the time to make sure your system gets the best care possible.


System Restoration

Some software issues and malware infections are so bad that is would be much easier, less time consuming, and cheaper to start from scratch. We have experience in not only making an educated decision in these situations but also in restoring your computer to it’s factory default state.